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Every individual, particularly in teenagers, have the utmost desire to look unique and different from others and look standout in the crowd.


To do this everyone uses different tactics. Some use different hairstyles, some use unique clothes and follow various fashion. But one thing which got fame among the people, particularly among the people of Britain and London, was the “tattoos”, the art of making or puncturing the layers of human skin by the mean of the various needle, dyes, and pigments.


The evidence of tattooing was also found in the ancient history of several civilizations, but in Europe, Great Britain and particularly in London it got fame in the 18th century.

With our help and guideness, you will have a full understanding of how much a good tattoo artist is worth to get the job done! Remember if it's too cheap or sounds like a good deal! You might be doing a cover-up or removal in the near future! 



Have an idea of a tattoo you would love but want it to be unique? A custom tattoo is for you! 

Day Session

Day session is around 6 hours which can be cover-ups, full pieces, sleeves & large tattoos

Hour Slots

Looking for a small tattoo or a medium size around 1 to 3 hours? Hour slots would work great! 

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Every tattoo has different patterns and features which depict the culture of their region. The selection of tattoos highly depends upon the choice of an individual, gender and age.

As in London, there 
is highly talented artist doing this business from various generations and offering unique tattoo art with a different range of tattoo prices in London depending upon your affordability and style. If you are selecting temporary tattoos it cost less than the permanent tattoos which obviously have more durability and attraction. Due to this long lasting feature, its pricing is high.

The pricing of tattoos also depends upon the 
after care services. In London and other cities, artists are offering various packages which include making of tattoos and its care and maintenance on regular intervals.


Apart from tattoos creation and maintenance, this pricing package also includes the “body piercing”, which has become an essential ingredient with tattooing.

Another important factor in tattoos pricing in London is the name and brand of the artists. These famous artists who have recognized themselves as a brand among the people offered very high prices.

They justify their high pricing by claiming 
that creation of tattoos on the body is very sensitive and highly skill oriented task. A little bit of negligence can cause severe harm to your body or may affect the sharpness and finishing of the tattoo design.


 Portraits Tattoos


Full Day Sessions

Design Slots

Custom Design

Dot Work Tattoos

Full Color Tattoos

Black And Grey

According to them, the creating of tattoos is not an ordinary task as normal artists with low pricing usually do. For them, this is an uphill task of transforming a normal body part from a blank canvas into a master class piece. And this is a one of the key reason of their high prices.

Another question arises in the mind that what are the thoughts of the people who offer extreme craziness for tattoos and why they are bearing such a high cost for this type of activity? People belong to this class has a 
view point that tattoo making is not a fun for us but it is a passion for us. It is a passion to express yourself with a matchless piece of art work.

These distinctive tattoos are our trademark and it helps us to stand out in the crowd and this act of looking cool urges us to pay whatever the cost is.

Now come towards the question of the day that how much does it really cost to have an eye-catching, striking and an exceptional tattoo on your body. It does not have any specific answer. You can say that it may starts from less than 50 pounds, but where it ends, you can’t say 
anything absolute.

Because if the design is complicated and time taking it may charge on an hourly basis and this exclusive attention may costs you in thousands of pounds and one 
think keep in mind that if you have planned to have this type of time-consuming tattoo, first make the appointment in order to avoid any type of inconvenience.


If you really want to follow this fashion, you must have passion and keep one thing in mind that you have to pass through various irritating processes, which only bear if you are really fond of this tattoos making process. 

So you can summarize the whole conversation, that if you are in London and want to have 
a sharp and prominent and permanent tattoos on your different body parts, you must have craziness and you have to select a proper artists who should be highly skilled and well versed in his field and consequently you have to bear a high expense, but we know that crazy people never compromised their passion.

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